About GTech Precision

“I’m sure we can find a way because nothing is impossible.

In fact – if you tell us it’s impossible, it just makes us want to do it more.”Joe Brown, GTech Precision Owner & President

That’s the attitude of the GTech Precision team. 

Bring us the rejected ideas, the perplexing solutions, and the arduous products that don’t seem possible — and we will make them possible.  Our team has the experience to boldly promise solutions to the toughest design, engineering and manufacturing challenges. to transform your ideas into reality.

We aren’t experts because we say so … we are experts because we do so. Our team has over 50 combined years of experience working with clients of all sizes from around the world.

We make bold promises to solve the most complex challenges because it’s what we love to do … and because we do it again and again … and again.

GTech Precision is an experienced and passionate group of engineers, designers, project managers and producers based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

For over a decade we have been recognized as a world-class company of experts, suppliers and manufacturers. Our capabilities and network of trusted partnerships help us expedite solutions for our customers.

“Gtech” translates roughly to “jike” G-Ker in Chinese. It has two meanings that easily fit into what our company stands for …

Good Fortune (secular) & Blessing (spiritual) 

Good fortune & blessing precision – it’s something we strive for both personally and professionally. We work to provide good fortune to our customers, vendors and employees by doing what we love … transforming ideas into reality.

GTech’s History & Inspiration

Joe’s dad, Jake, is the inspiring force behind the philosophy and work ethic of GTech.

Jake was a man that believed that experience and hard work created a successful business and life. Joe often remembers his Dad saying, “do what you’ve got to do” to find a solution and make something work. Whether it was his service in World War II or providing outstanding service to his customers, Jake never gave up on finding solutions that work.

Business success came from a fine suit, a handshake, integrity and a smile according to Jake Brown. While the business suits may have changed over the years, Jake’s philosophy on solving problems is still our foundation for success.

“Every customer has problems everyday,” says Joe. “They want to make it better and that is what drives me. We’ve been told many times ‘you can’t do it’ and we did it and it worked. We wake up everyday wanting to find more ways to make something work. Let’s get to the real problems and find the real solutions.”

We are your problem solvers.

Do you need a solution to your problem? Have an idea that just isn’t a reality … yet?

Share your idea with our team and let’s start finding a solution!