Global Liaison & Sourcing

You want to grow your business, but working with businesses abroad is new to you …

Where do you start? Who do you trust?

That’s where we come in – we significantly reduce your risks to transform your idea into a global product. With over 50 years experience owning and operating companies from every corner of the world, we excel at serving as a primary source for companies looking to produce or sell domestically or overseas. 

We believe going beyond your borders is essential to growing your company exponentially. While there can be many challenges working globally – language, culture and regulations to name a few – the benefits of working globally often outweigh the risks.

Too often we see well-meaning people get frustrated when building their global partnerships due to cultural traditions and language lost in translation.  We have trusted relationships in Asia, the Americas and Europe to help you evaluate and select the best options for your business. 

GTech services the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

We understand the global business – export, supply chain, regulations, traceabiliy, currencies, Just In Time production, langauge translation and business traditions – and much more. Take advantage of what we’ve already learned to accelerate your business globally.

Transform your idea into a global business

Don’t start from scratch when going global. Let our experienced team get you to the right partners in the right places with the right information.